Viridian Roofing and Construction comprises highly skilled experts ready to restore your property to its pre-damage state. Our team has a lot of experience dealing with insurance claims involving roofing and storm damage, which allows us to better assist our clients after a storm by addressing all the damages, rather than just the roof, as many contractors do.

We don't try to avoid making repairs. Instead, we want to get you back to where you were, if not better. We handle all of your property's repairs in a timely and competent manner.

Viridian Construction Group, LLC

Areas We Address During Our Inspections and Estimation Process


How Hail and Wind Damage Your Roof

Ceramic granules are placed in asphalt strips called shingles to protect them from the elements. Granule loss is typical in all shingles over time, but hail or other damage accelerates it substantially.

Viridian Construction Group, LLC
Viridian Construction Group, LLC


Hail damages your roof by softening the shingles and loosening the granules. This means your shingles' protective coating is wearing away, exposing the layer to the outdoors. UV rays can degrade damaged regions, making them brittle or ragged.

Viridian Construction Group, LLC


The shingle expands and contracts with the seasons, and after being damaged by hail, it might curl and shatter. Leaks and wind damage are thus highly likely to occur in the exposed sections. It is no longer waterproof when a shingle is torn, putting your roof's integrity at risk.


Almost all manufacturers' warranties are voided if your shingles are damaged by hail or wind. It's critical to spot hail and wind damage as soon as possible so that your insurance provider can document and pay for any necessary repairs. If too much time passes, your insurance provider may deny any payment for noted damages. Getting your roof evaluated and if required, fully replaced with a new and professionally installed roofing system that can help you cut down on further losses.

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Rain gutters safeguard the foundation by lowering the risk of flooding in exterior home and landscaping areas. Installing a functional gutter system allows you to extend the life and structure of your house by keeping water and other destructive substances away from locations where they may cause damage.

Even little damage to gutters will be covered by insurance. We provide a thorough examination and evaluation of your gutter system and make recommendations for improvements where applicable. Even if the structure does not have a system or just has a restricted gutter system, we often provide a comprehensive system replacement or improvement.

Viridian Construction Group, LLC


Hail may damage window beadings, window screens, and solar screens. Many adjusters or contractors may point out some but will not check all areas, or worse, will not pay to repair or replace them. We can do a complete examination and fix it promptly.

Viridian Construction Group, LLC


Many adjusters avoid siding and painting because they believe it will be more challenging to secure their manager's approval. It's not always simple to tell if a storm has damaged your wood, vinyl siding, or paint. However, it might account for a large portion of an overall damage claim when it is detected because whole elevations are likely to require a full replacement. After all, a minor patch repair isn't feasible.

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Wind and hail can harm the finish on your fence, lowering its beauty and reducing its lifetime. High winds can also cause the fence to be damaged, requiring repairs or a complete replacement. We do a thorough examination of any outside structures, such as fences and decks, that may have been damaged due to a weather event.

We locate the damage and request that the insurance company cover it. Our professionals make the repairs on time, restoring your property to a pre-storm state, if not better because new fences or a fresh stain finish can enhance the aesthetics of your property.

Viridian Construction Group, LLC


Do you see stains or damp spots along the edge of a ceiling or around a vent or fixture after a storm? Then, you most likely have a roof leak. We include all interior repairs that may be required due to the weather occurrence, as determined by the insurance company. Please get in touch for more details.